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Red-Metta Offline

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Posted: Oct. 02 2009,07:42 QUOTE

The Capitalist war machine is strong and efficient.  It is trained to win at all and any cost, and its recruitment slogans are aimed at the unfilled dreams and assumptions of the young, so that they may perform their role of 'living material', an essential element for the military industrial complex.

The young are promised a vague glory, but are given instead, only hardship and death.  In Capitalist society, everything is achieved through agency.  A human being is believed to be 'complete', when they actively engage in all the oppressive establishments, thus perpetuating by default, the machinery of Capitalist oppression.  The Armed Forces recruit and train, and await their use.

Socialism should not and can not be like this.  A Socialist society, for it to claim true governing legitimacy, must be seen to be designed along scientific lines.  And this science must not be tinged with rightwing pragmatism.  The benefit of human ingenuity and developed intelligence, belongs to all humanity as a first point of principle, and not only to those who can afford to buy it, or those who can afford to sell it.  Money, as a legitimate agency for change, must be abolished.  Money knows no compassion or social justice.

Education along Socialist lines is the first step.  Learning how to view the world, free from the Capitalist, rightwing agenda is the crucial first step.  And we must be prepared to suffer for what is right, to gain the moral upper-hand, and show others that their welfare is our welfare.  Our bodies and minds maybe counter-attacked in various ways, but committment to the true course is the only way to ensure a culture of peace prevails.

A strong but calm mind grows out of correct knowledge.  To be immersed in Socialist compassion is the only armour a Socialist needs.  We can advance together, leaving none behind.  Today's enemies are tomorrow's comrades and our upright behaviour in the existing cultural milieu, will be observed as 'just', and win support from those who are moved by it.  As Antonio Gramsci theorised, society can be transformed from within, without the need for violence.  We must coonvince others of the strength of our arguments, and show that violence is no substitute for the intellect or for compassion.

It is not a crime to care about others.  A social consciousness begins in the mind of the individual.  Together we can stand strong.  Peace is Socialism.  Socialism is a society free of greed and the cult of personality.

Thank you
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Posted: Aug. 06 2010,17:00 QUOTE

Socialism fails when you run out of other people's money.
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Posted: Sep. 26 2010,15:07 QUOTE

I really like what you have said here and how you have said it!! I am writing a journal about capatalism for my congregation do you mind if I use some of what you have written??
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SFR Administrator Offline

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Posted: Sep. 29 2010,04:42 QUOTE

Of course, you are invited to make use of everything here with your congregation.  And we would appreciate hearing about how it goes.   - Mirin
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marxist Offline

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Posted: Jan. 15 2011,18:35 QUOTE

How do we transform a society of closed mindedness into a revolutionary force?
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lucas turner Offline

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Posted: Sep. 27 2011,08:25 QUOTE

by doing everything in our power to keep from having to go to war.:)
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Quick Reply: Peaceful Transformation of Society.
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